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Welcome to the new era of banking. HAPAX is a banking AI platform that democratizes the financial landscape by offering advanced tech and industry-wide knowledge to all. Intuitive, simple to integrate into daily operations, and impactful, Hapax empowers you to make better decisions faster, overcome complex challenges, future-proof your work, and be the force for innovation within your institution.

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Hapax is trained on over 200,000 banking conversations nationwide, 20,000+ verified documents, and millions of pages of regulatory and compliance requirements. It connects you with unparalleled industry knowledge, tailored to meet any needs and challenges faced by financial institutions of all sizes and types.

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banking conversations
verified documents
of pages of regulatory & compliance requirements

Built for YOU

Designed for members of the financial industry, our platform is a cornerstone of data, knowledge, and information, engineered to navigate a highly regulated environment and ongoing industry changes. Simple to use, it provides you with a wealth of information and insights so you can perform better, never encounter a question you can’t answer, save time through automation, and set new standards of excellence within your team and for your customer base.

Knowledge With
a Prompt

Our platform, infused with industry-wide knowledge and data, seamlessly integrates into daily use for any department. Created to understand the nuances of a high-quality output, it intuitively prompts you when necessary, providing everything from policy drafts that meet regulatory examiner requirements to strategy analysis for new customer acquisition. And much, much more.

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Our Enterprise Model learns your institution's unique practices, policies, and challenges to facilitate knowledge-sharing among your team. It provides a repository of specific data that team members can reference, spurring professional growth, streamlining training, and delivering results tailored to your institution so you can successfully navigate the industry’s rapidly changing landscape.

Hapax solves critical challenges. As just one example, across the bank, we need to ensure we are up-to-date and compliant on existing and new regulations and changes or updates. In addition to large amounts of time, doing so requires deep industry expertise. What makes Hapax so valuable is its banking expertise. It’s quickly proving to be a tool our compliance and operations team members can trust.
David Anderson
SEVP, Chief Operations Officer
As a small bank, we need to be both efficient and effective. As a fast-growing bank, we need to constantly stay ahead of our growth in terms of risk management. Hapax lets us do both while scaling in near-infinite fashion.
Tut Fuller
Chairman, CEO, Founder

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